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      Oto V. Costa is an interactive research workshop for researchers, artists and practitioners in various artistic domains.


      During the workshop, the participants meet in a virtual space and focus on the topics of artistic and academic research, based on the .meta [dynamic cognitive-apparatus formation, application, and analysis systems].


      The workshop is mentored and led by composer, educator and researcher Dré A. Hočevar (CeReNeM, University of Huddersfield).


      During the five workshop days, participants present their current artistic research endeavours, artistic practices, research methods, research topics and questions through the presentation format of their choosing.


      The participants presentations serve as a disposition for interactive discourse on the topics such as, for example: artistic research [processes, structure, content], analytical models, contextualisation and formation of participant's research, theory and praxis, grounding, [emancipatory practices] and .meta.


      The workshop initiates and supports dynamic, innovatively articulated presentation models, methods and formats, finished works and works in development.


      The workshop is open to researchers at all stages of their development and welcomes young and upcoming researchers at the initial stages of their research and artistic work.


      The participant's research works presented during the workshop will be published in a digital publication, 'Verso Doxa', published on













      Upcoming workshops in 2021:

      announced shortly

      Artistic director:

      Dré A. Hočevar


      Pia Reš



      Lester St. Louis