precept.concept.percept is an interactive workshop for composition mentored by composer and researcher Dré A. Hočevar


During the monthly workshop, the participants meet in a virtual or physical space and focus on the following themes: _ grounding, the composition of mind and [emancipatory practices].




Throughout the five-day workshop, the participants discuss and constitute infrastructural models and frameworks through the lens of five compositions submitted by participant composers.


The compositions selected by the .alfabet committee and workshopped throughout the week will be performed or documented by the .abeceda [new music ensemble].


Ensemble instrumentation: violin(s), viola, cello, double bass, flute, clarinet, accordion, harp, voice, tuba, bassoon, saxophone (for specific questions about the instrumentation options, please include a note in the application). You are welcome to submit compositions for ensemble (various formations), as well as compositions for solo performers.


Application fee: Free

Participation fee: 120€


Applications open shortly.


Please note: there are limited spaces available.




Selected works from the previous editions in 2020 and 2021:


precept.concept.percept I.


Alastair White: Work

Max Gibson: Yo-Bong

Logan Barrett: Two for 3 to 4 Too Three Four 2 

Gašper Livk: [ . ]

Tobija Hudnik: transpersonal.liminalities


precept.concept.percept II.


Miles Jefferson Friday: I sheltered Myself

Jee Seo: On Fever

Isonas Maroulis: Divided in Two

Zhuosheng Jin: Pale Flower III.

Asim Singh Halwarvi: I Found a Double Bass in my Kitchen!

Tobija Hudnik: possibility<probability<impossibility

Gašper Livk: [] . [] . []


precept.concept.percept III.


Sean X. Quinn: Ocularia

Jack Herscowitz: The Clown

Alastair White: Time's Grains

Maximiliano Alejandro Soto: Figures in Frost

Darcy Copeland: Blue(t): in aporia

Lucy Callen: Many a sweet dream

Wen Ziyang: Je Pense

James Pecore: The Red Fall

Kunal Gala: Currents

Neža Zupanc: Tu Series


precept.concept.percept IV.


Jenni Hogan: Movement series
Gašper Livk: [dsc.pln] . [Gašper Livk] . []
Ramin Roshandel: Three Sketches for solo cello
Tobija Hudnik: No. 3
Ege Sayar: Land
Neža Zupanc: Serija Tu
Minato Sakamoto: Pacific 21
Miha Gantar: Duo
John Franek: ++ for octet

precept.concept.percept V.

Rodrigo Andrieuk – Brazilian Symphonic Phantasy

Jane Wong – Bunna

Tobija Hudnik – tba

Steven Crino – The Alchemist in the City

Jason Carl Rosenberg – Negentropy



Upcoming workshops:


p.c.p. VI. _ 22.—26. 11. 2021

p.c.p. VII. _ 10.—14. 1. 2022

p.c.p. VIII. _ 21.—25. 2. 2022

p.c.p. IX. _ 25.—29. 5. 2022


All editions follow a 3PM—6PM CEST timeline.

Artistic director:

Dré A. Hočevar


Pia Reš



Lester St. Louis


.abeceda Institute

p.c.p. I. was supported by:

p.c.p. V. is the Re_humanizacija festival program supported by: